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Best Beach of the East Coast

This is Ocean City, Maryland and yes, they named the city after the ocean.

This stretch of the East Coast is home to one of the most popular beach destinations in the world and certainly in the United States. Beautiful, expansive beaches are just feet away from the many hotels, energetic boardwalk and fun for all attractions. Spread out over 15miles and spanning two states, this beach can easily host the millions of tourists to visit each year. Many surfers enjoy these waves year round and I had to get in during my May visit even though it was a bit chilly at 60 degrees. Summer time visitors can cool off without worrying about rip tides or pounding swells (do watch out for jelly fish though). This ocean is packed with wildlife so you keep an eye out. We spotted several dolphins coasting up the coast as we sat soaking up the sun. The beach itself features fine grain sand, picturesque dunes and is remarkably clean.

Once you pack up the beach towel, enjoy the electric atmosphere of this iconic beach town. Experience Fagan's Island and one of the largest nightclubs in the United States, Seacrets. Seacrets features 19 bars, a nightclub and several dancefloors in addition to their own beach with tables in the water. It is a must for the adults! Don't worry kids, this town most certainly saved the best for you. Enjoy over the top amusement park atmosphere on every corner, roller coasters, go carts, mini golf and a waterpark. There's even an entire box store devoted to nothing but candy. Ocean city truly is fun for all ages. The well crafted balance of beach activities, fun atmosphere and perfect location make this destination the best beach on the East Coast by far.

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