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Golf and Beach Heaven

This is Palmilla. Located more towards Los Cabos, this is the 1st beach along the popular tourist corridor. As it is past by many and visited by few, this beach is presine, secluded and yet features the most relaxing atmosphere of any beach in the Cabo Region. Crystal clear waters, abundant sea-life and hidden areas make this the perfect beach. Given the many hidden areas along the shore, it makes sense why many go in for the full body tan (no video of that, but its true). Get a round of golf in at Cabo's cheapest course ($250), designed by Jack Nicklaus and then soak in the sun along this awesome beach! This is Palmilla! Cabo San Lucas Beach Drone Footage 4k Best Beaches in the world review and recap Palmilla Golf Course One and Only One & ONly Palmilla


Semi-Nude Beach

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