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Puerto Rico's Most Popular Beach Playa Condado

You don't need a passport for this one folks!

Puerto Rico's capital of San Juan is home to a truly special beach and one of my all time favorites. Playa del Condado is the perfect place to break out the goggles, snorkel and those Speedo fins. This location features the most accessible and diverse range of sea life in all of San Juan. A line of massive rocks breaks up the dangerous waves and creates a clear, calm environment unlike much of the deadly condado beaches to the east. Those beaches along the miles of hotels, see large swells and a notorious rip current which has claimed several lives over the past few years. If you come to San Juan and want to get in the ocean, this is the only safe beach. I was joined by several fellow snorkelers of all ages and everyone I spoke with felt very comfortable. In addition, seas here aren't more than 3 ft deep in most locations making for an exceptional and effortless snorkeling experience.

The bay of Playita De Condado is a gem and honestly quite bizarre given the contrast between nature and the thriving urban environment. You will see every fish imaginable, lobsters, sea snails, corals (watch out for sea urchins) and experience that aquarium feeling all of us snorkelers love. Several underwater mounds also are present towards the bridge and are home to many of these fish. I spent hours just floating out there exploring and hanging out with my boy blue who was accustomed to the snorkeling population. Yes, I named a fish blue. The beach itself is secluded, features fine gain sand, swaying palm trees, rocks to climb and is just steps away from the Condado Plaza by Hilton. So, in between snorkeling, sunbathing and relaxing you can order a drink and some delicious food direct to your beach chair.

This being Puerto Rico, you already know this is an overwhelmingly positive and energetic Spanish culture. After the sun goes down, enjoy that party atmosphere of San Juan, especially Old San Juan home to several iconic venues like Factoria, which features 4 distinct yet connected bars and dancefloors. My best advice: learn how to salsa dance my friends. For those who like that Las Vegas atmosphere, stop by the many casinos just down the street. My favorite was Casino Del Mar where the party never stopped, featured $5 blackjack tables and a vibrant nightclub. Overall, this beach, the sea life and the city that surrounds it, make this the best beach in San Juan by far!

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