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Shoal Bay Anguilla Best Beach in the Caribbean

You Wanna Chill Like A Chinchilla? Then go to Anguilla!

This little island in the eastern Caribbean, is home to arguably the best beach in the world. Shoal bay features pristine white sand, crystal clear turquoise water and over a mile of uninhabited and undeveloped shoreline. If you've ever wondered what Cabo or Cancun looked like before anyone discovered it, this is the answer. Only two hotels disrupted an otherwise completely natural setting. Sea life is everywhere, from surprisingly fast turtles to colorful coral fish. The water is warm, the air temperature is perfect and a calm breeze massages the palm trees. Larger waves are broken up by the many shelves leaving seas close to shore calm enough to paddle board and swim without worry. I became a paddleboard master my third day and made it to Island Harbor some 3 miles away. It beats hitting the gym and gives you an incredible view of the seafloor.

The sand is just spectacular, a texture indescribable and completely unique to this island. Walking the entirety of the beach is a treat your feet will thank you for. You will find yourself playing with the sand and inspecting it, like some geologist. The light it reflects may be a bit bright for some but nothing a nice pair of Sungait glasses can't fix. Most beaches have a nice sunset, however this one truly is the most perfect sunset you will ever witness. The camera tried but was probably taken aback by how beautiful it was. After the sun retreats, enjoy bioluminescent organisms washing up along the shoreline. You can see them fairly easy due to the lack of light pollution.

This is the place to relax, to get away from the everyday grind, chillout and find your center. The population of the entire island is under 20,000 and you will find many beaches all to yourself so if you don't like the crowds, this is your beach. American Airlines makes this destination easy to get to but be warned, it will be extremely hard to leave. This is Anguilla and Shoal Bay for many, is the best beach in the world.

Hotel - Zemi Beach House by LXR Resorts (Hilton) is located right on this beach and is 10/10. Paddleboards, Kayaks and Snorkel gear are included free of charge. Several pools on the property allow guests to relax after their time on the beach. Food and service is outstanding, lobster tacos are a must and Thursday night BBQ all you can eat lobster is a challenge even for the greatest

carnivores. Shout out to Annie, Tichelle, Trevor, Uniqua and the rest of the awesome staff here.

Gear to bring - My custom snorkel gear, sunglasses, Havana hats, swimsuits, sunscreen, flip flops and a positive attitude.

Will be returning soon!

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